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Literature involving the Yuba-Sutter area includes all of the following.

Books About the Yuba-Sutter Area

  • Leaving Yuba City: Poems by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni, 1997. The final section of this poetry collection is titled "Yuba City Poems" and describes the lives of the Punjabi farmers who immigrated to Yuba City in the early twentieth century.
  • The Road to Yuba City: A Journey into the Juan Corona Murders by Tracy Kidder, 1974. This is a "true crime" tale about the notorious murders of twenty-five migrant farm workers near Yuba City. The author is apparently unhappy with the book; he bought the rights back from the publisher to prevent it from being reprinted. It is likely that any book from 1974 involving Juan Corona would be considerably dated by now, because in 1974 it was widely considered acceptable to imply that rape must be motivated by sexual desire rather than the desire to torment the victim by whatever means seem most effective, and that the existence of a man who rapes and murders other men implies that men who have consensual sex with and fall in love with other men must have hidden murderous tendencies.
  • Inland Island: The Sutter Buttes by Walt Anderson, 2004
  • The Sutter Buttes: A Naturalist's View by Walt Anderson, 1983
  • Pebbles in the Stream: A History of Beale AFB and Neighboring Areas by Peggy Bal, 1993
  • California Heartland: A Pictorial History and Tour Guide of Eight Northern California Counties: Yuba, Sutter, Colusa, Glenn, Butte, Nevada, Sierra, Plumas by Sandra Brubaker Shepherd, 1993
  • Sutter Buttes: Land of Histum Yani by Louise Butts Hendrix, 1980
  • A History of Irrigation in Butte, Sutter, Glenn and Colusa Counties by Joseph F. McGie, 1980
  • The Sutter Buttes of California: A Study of Plio-Pleistocene Volcanism by Howel Williams and G. H. Curtis, 1979

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