Canal Street was a popular pizza and beer bar that was located where the used bookstore currently resides at 118 Main Street.  The bar was made up of two sections; the main sections where the kitchen, barwhere located and music was played and the other section was the pool and video game room.  (Think Galaga and Asteroids)

It's lifespan covered the seventies. 

Thursday nights were the liveliest where local and traveling musicians would play to a tightly packed crowd who came for the music (Never a cover),  reasonably priced beer and pungent garlic bread. They made incredible Pizzas and also served Pitchers of Sangria.

In the Late Seventies they had regular Blue Grass Bands all dressed up in 1940's Cowboy gear playing. 

The live bands where often upstaged by the trains that used to rumble up Main Street late in the night. The local "joke' was that someone kept climbing up on the Sign on top of the building and stealing the "C" in Canal, and the "S" in Street......You can imagine what THAT spelled