The Farm Sanctuary - People Barn (Gift Shop)

Mission Statement
Farm Sanctuary works to end cruelty to farm animals
and promotes compassionate living through rescue,
education and advocacy.
"19080 Newville Rd., Orland CA 95963", "39.822669", "-122.330478"
By Black Butte Lake
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(530) 865-4617
Executive Director
Jeff Lydon
Gene Baur
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The Farm Sanctuary, with over a hundred-thousand supporters, is in Orland, CA, serving to help farm animals in desperate need and to educate the people about modern farming practices and their disastrous consequences.

The Farm Sanctuary as a herd of about 36 cattle, pigs, chickens, roosters, turkeys, goats, sheep, and rabbits. Most of them come from a background of systematic abuse by corporate farms, people who could not or did not care for their well-being, and homelessness. All animals are very well taken care of by friendly, animal-loving staff.

Tours are provided on Saturdays from May 1 to October 31st and they may be contacted at (530) 865-4617. Visitors need only pay $3 ($1 for children 12 and under) and will find all about the fine, often ignored, details of the farm animal industry. Friendly staff will lead visitors through the Farm Sanctuary's immediate property and allow everyone to get personal with animals who are normally victims of a desensitized meat eating society. The aim of such tours is to education and change attitudes for a more healthful, environment and farm animal friendly attitude.

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