What do you know about James White?

James White attended CSU Chico 1975-1980 and was a regular on the music scene during the years 1976-1985. Primarily a solo guitarist, James also performed in various duo/trio arrangements with Tim Kemper, C.W. Chase, Robert Laughlin, Leslie M. Riley, Ripley Howe, Andy O'Neil, Keith Marks, Tony Lamb, Rux Simkins and various bands including The Incredible Diamonds, Diamondback, The Bop-A-Dips, and The Poppers. After forming the Poppers Band in 1983 with drummer Andy Arrow, he moved to the Redding area for the next several years. That move lead to a year and a half long stint in Nashville pursuing a songwriting career. A chance to join an existing show band, "The Marvells" and tour the east coast and the Caribbean took him eventually to the Cayman Islands, where that band was featured at the Treasure Island Resort on Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman from 1988-89. He landed a position as a solo entertainer at the Hyatt Regency, Grand Cayman, from 1989-2000. He recorded four CDs of original tropical music while in the Cayman Islands, and wrote and performed an original song  the Paramount Pictures movie "The Firm" (Tom Cruise, Gene Hackman). He currently lives in the Sarasota, Florida area and now has 10 CDs of original music, has garnered 10 TropRock Music Awards (Key West, FL) and continues to perform across the US, Mexico, Canada and throughout the Caribbean.  He still misses Chico!  www.sunnyjim.com