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Active Groups


  • Matador Area (Esplanade to Mangrove Ave. and E. 7th Ave. to Lindo Channel) - Contact Debbie Schmitt-Adams
  • Miller Mansion Back Yard (Holly Ave. to Esplanade and W. 8th Ave. to Lindo Channel) Contact Jana Burgess-Henry
  • South Comanche Creek (South of Comanche Creek Greenway to the orchards and West of the Midway to the orchards) - Contact JD Estep


  • Bidwell Junior Hight School Hood (East Ave. to Lindo Channel and Cohasset Rd. to Floral Ave). - Contact Daniel Bringolf
  • Verbena Fields Hood (Moss Ave. to Madrone Ave. and Lindo Channel to Bidwell Park) - Contact Randy Suschnick
  • Godman Triad (99 to Lassen Ave. and E. Eaton Ave.) - Contact Debra Christine Overton