First United Methodist Church is a fairly large church located at 210 W Church St in Champaign.

Chronology of First United Methodist Church


The first Methodist church is built at the corner of Church and State, which is dedicated three years later


To serve 99 members of their congregation who lived east of the railroad tracks, they build a church on the northeast corner of Sixth and University. This church is known at Conference as the University charge, but locally it is referred to as Second Methodist.


The first parsonage is bought at 206 W. University


Construction of a new brick church is completed. Membership is 400.


Another parsonage is built at 306 W. Hill Street.


A third parsonage is purchased


Construction of a Stone Church is completed to replace the brick church. Membership is 813.


The church renames itself as the First Methodist Episcopal Church of Champaign.


They build a new parsonage at 407 W. Hill Street, their fourth.


Construction of their Parish House is completed.


Following the merger in 1939 of the Methodist Episcopal Church and the Methodist Protestant Church they drop the word “Episcopal” from their name and become the First Methodist Church of Champaign.


They begin the process of founding Faith Methodist Church. In January the church buys 5.2 acres of land on Prospect Avenue where Faith now. They also purchase the lot on which their Educational Building now stands.


First Church celebrates 100 years on the corner of Church and State. This celebration comes 26 years late because the frame church stood on this corner in 1863.


The Church receives an award “For Exemplary Efforts In The Area of Church Growth.” This award was for having, among churches of their size, the most members who joined by profession of faith.

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