The Religious Workers Association is an association of professional religious leaders serving the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign community. The RWA is not a religious organization. The RWA is a professional organization made up of religious leaders serving the University community. While made up of religious leaders from multiple faiths, the RWA is not an organization seeking to foster shared religious experience, but, to the contrary, seeks to pursue the purposes below without violating or sacrificing the diversity of each religious workers particular religious convictions and commitments.




The organization has a leadership board with a President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary. 

  President Vice President Treasurer Secretary
2017-2018 Sean Ferrell Luke Herche Mary Schechinger Carly Burak Froomkin
2016-2017 Brett Smith Keith Harris Sean Ferrell Carly Burak Froomkin
2015-2016 Brett Smith Keith Harris Sean Ferrell Cindy Shepherd
2014-2015 Keith Harris Brett Smith Claire Szoke Amy Felty


Organizational Goals

A.      The purposes of the RWA in relation to the University are:

  • to establish and maintain channels of communication and structure for cooperation with the University of Illinois and its appropriate offices—students, faculty, and administration,
  • to serve as a resource to individuals and groups within the University,
  • to provide an agency for unified expression and action by the religious workers,
  • to foster healthful religious practices in the University community.


B.        The purposes of the RWA in relation to its members are:

  • to support and enrich each member’s professional commitment and competence to religious work at the University of Illinois,
  • to improve communication between various religious groups which serve the University community,
  • to learn about, appreciate, and respect other religious traditions,
  • to stimulate vigorous, cordial, and meaningful discussion of relevant religious issues and concerns.