Campus Corner 309 Green St.
268 ft Tall 24 Above Ground Floors Completed in 2009

The reigning tallest building since its completion in 2009 by Hartshorne Plunkard Architecture, Campus Corner (most commonly known as 309 Green St) is a residential apartment building used by students.  It has been nicknamed “The Whopper” both because of its height as well as the site it sits on (formerly home to a Burger King).  It features an exercise space and outdoor pool on the 7th floor.

Two deaths have occurred on the property from falls from the tower.  29-year-old Justin Howie died of impact injuries after a fall from the 8th floor on September 9, 2012.  On Friday, May 10th, 2013, the University of Illinois graduation that year, 39-year-old Stephanie Ognar died of trauma injuries after falling.


Burnham 310 310 E. Springfield Ave.
224 ft Tall 18 Above Ground Floors Completed in 2008

Burnham 310 was the first high rise apartment building on campus, holding the tallest building spot only briefly until Campus Corner was completed.  It features high-end amenities and a County Market grocery store on the property.


Tower at Third 302 E. John St.
205 ft Tall 21 Above Ground Floors Completed in 1972

From 1975-2001, the tower was a hotel called the University Hotel, housing Top of the Inn, a high-end restaurant, on its top floor.  The hotel is now an apartment complex.  The building has a distinctive ten-sided shape, rendering it very similar to the twelve-sided Huntington Towers.


Huntington Towers 201 W. Springfield Ave.
169 ft Tall 12 Above Ground Floors  

Once housing Wolfram Alpha on three of its floors, Huntington Towers is now a mixed-use building with both commercial and residential suites.  Coldwell Banker, the real estate company that manages the leases for Huntington Towers, is housed on the 11th floor.  The twelve-sided building only makes the list of tallest buildings because of the large tower on top of it.  Its round halls and modernistic design once had it likened to walking through a spaceship.

Although the name indicates otherwise, there is only one tower.


Illini Tower 409 East Chalmers
166 ft Tall 17 Above Ground Floors Completed in 1967

The Illini Tower is a residence all owned by a private company but certified by the University of Illinois.