5080 Chiles Rd.
Near La Mesa RV, Department of Forestry

Monday-Friday: 8:00-6:30

Saturday 8:00-2pm

Phone: 530-758-7325
Fax: 530-758-2426
[email protected]



This photo is 2Bennett's new World Headquarters at 5080 Chiles Road Davis, CA. 95618. Now fully open for business in their new shop that Davis locals know the property as Freeway Ford. 2Bennett has moved into the entire dealership site. A clever play on "Automotive", 2Bennett Audimotive is a world-known and world-renowned Audi parts supplier, equipment manufacturer, Audi customizer and racing company. Since 1996, 2Bennett has been providing performance tuning and service exclusively for Audis. 2Bennett branded products include suspension and brake systems, composite bodies, intercoolers and oil coolers, and clutches. They will also perform more mundane car repair and maintenance services including Audi factory servicing and warranty work. http://www.2bennett.com/body_audi_service.html

2Bennett is a distributor of the following manufacturers:

  • APR
  • Koni
  • H&R
  • Brembo

They Also Carry Motorsport Items:

  • Odyssey Batteries
  • Motul RBF 600 Fluid
  • Schroth Racing Harnesses (Street Legal)

And many others.

APR (Audi Performance and Racing)  Performance Tuning Available for these Vehicles:

  • Porsche
  • Audi
  • VW

2Bennett is often talked about on AudiWorld, the leading site for discussion on tuning, maintaining and upgrading Audis. They have also been featured in magazines such as European Car Magazine and Quattro Quarterly. http://www.2bennett.com/body_2b_audi.html

They provide helpful, friendly advice over the phone. Also, their responses to emails are quick and very informative. Any question about Audis you have, someone there can answer.

Ken Bennett next to the 2bennett GTR

See also: Automobile Repair.


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2006-06-05 18:05:03   Is he in a wheelchair because he got into a car crash? —EyadDarras

2006-07-26 10:12:01   No it was a bike accident. The GTR is all hand controls. —AntoineHythier

2008-10-07 15:16:25   Nice people but won't help with anything but Audi's kinda odd... —dnm12

2009-12-12 14:10:26   The name is Audimotive- they are Audi exclusive. Best service shop in Northern California —Bird

2010-01-15 16:12:48   2Bennett made repairs and performed maintenance on my Audi A4. The check engine light was flashing and the engine was knocking severely. They were able to do the repairs for less than $150, way less than the dealership. They also used some spare parts and fixed my temperature sensor for 15 minutes of labor. The only regret I had was ever taking my Audi to the dealer. Coming back again for sure. —DanielHoang

2010-03-27 16:39:13   Recommended for 4-wheel alignment. Another shop in Davis got it wrong twice. 2Bennett corrected their poor alignment. They also diagnosed several oil leaks in my 99.5 A4. I returned 2 months later to have the leaks fixed and to do a timing belt/tensioner kit replacement. No surprises, good work and respectable prices. Highly recommended if you own an Audi and live in the surrounding area. They can seem a little disorganized but they do good work. Also, Andrew (the service manager) is helpful and friendly if you have questions about the work. I will continue to use 2Bennett for future service. —AdamShiffman

2011-06-26 01:36:53   Andrew Bennett fraudulently sold me an incorrect transmission in order to recover a profit from his wife's wrecked vehicle, knowing full well that I would only discover the incompatibilities after having committed thousands of dollars and weeks of my own labor to the installation and testing of the transmission. Avoid this shop. —WVerbanec

Interesting, please tell us more Daubert

2011-07-29 03:18:55   BEWARE: They will milk you for every dime and nickel you have.

Brought my 02 Audi A4 to this shop due to a few good reviews on Yelp. It took me a total of 3 visits and about $450 to diagnose a rough idle issue that I should have brought to a local mechanic that could have solved it for <$50 and 15 mins instead. (One of the vacuum lines tore, big hole too.) If the check engine light didn't come on in time (never was so happy to see it), these guys were ready to replace the entire transmission; a $7000 job according to them. They really do try to help and explain things clearly to you, but I expected more from these Audi "specialists". Good customer service, but comes at a very VERY high cost.

Extreme buyers remorse. —IRonin

2012-07-26 20:15:33   Just noticed a couple of bad reviews. I do not read Wiki often so I was not aware of anything bad here. I am one of the Two Bennetts and I thought I should communicate a little 2Bennett philosophy. We focus on being the best in the business. Integrity in all aspects of 2Bennett is our approach to any situation. We handle all types of work and parts for Audis and only Audis. Specializing in the brand we love and respect helps us with efficient service diagnosis and complete understanding of the cars systems. We welcome emails from any of our customers with critiques or complaints. If a problem occurs, we want to remedy it as soon as possible. We understand that most of our customers travel great distances to have us service their Audi with perfection in mind. Whether clients travel or are from our local community, we attempt to do it all correctly and at the highest caliber in our industry. We are moving into a new location at this time. We hope to continue to provide our high level of quality appreciated by most of our clients. They say "You can't satisfy all your customers", but we will continue to try. Spread the word to your friends. We rely on word of mouth and happy customers referrals. —KenBennett

2013-01-09 11:10:13   I own an 07 Audi A4 and have been 2Bennett's regular customer. They have great customer service and technical expertise. Their rate is $109 per hour which is standard. Yes Audi repair/maintenance is expensive, but try doing it at Niello or Elk Grove, they charge you $145 per hour and the mechanics aren't even that knowledgeable and friendly. Unlike typical dealerships, their service advisers actually ARE car mechanics. They will answer you any technical questions directly. They just moved to a new location (former Ford dealership) near the Enterprise Rental and the Nissan dealership. Highly recommended. —ViolinZombie

2015-02-09 13:51:14   We have the best Audi repair service right here in Davis! When you buy a car, you're also signing up to have it maintained or repaired. I believe the team at 2Bennet is dedicated to doing their best, and their best is over the top stellar! So, if you have never owned an Audi, try it. You will have great service for keeping that car a long time. —abull