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Robert Parnell
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A Better Cheaper Locksmith is a locksmith service provided by Robert Parnell.

What more is there to be said? Locked yourself out of the house? Call 916.627.5225! Locked yourself out of your room? Call 916.627.5225! Need a key made? Bob is your guy. He is a very kind and honest person. He will not try to rip you off. He runs a successful business because he values honesty, customer satisfaction, and quality work.

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2011-11-04 21:44:06   I could not give Robert Parnell of A Better Cheaper Locksmith a better review. I got locked out of my apartment on a Friday night and the two locksmiths I called in Davis did not answer my calls. A very positive transaction, enough to put me in a good mood after everything was over. I got a final price ($45) right away when I called and it was so much cheaper than expected. Check this guy out, he is top notch and gets the job done right. —ReginaldoBaker

2011-12-01 20:29:35   Great Guys. Both Robert and Brian (I hope I got his name right) were friendly and professional. Showed up on time as promised, even lubricated my lock after they were done. Very Satisfy with their work. Thanks again! —steven278

2011-12-11 22:04:05   Wow, locked myself out earlier tonight. Robert and Brian (I think!) came over and quickly got my back inside my home! Really great job, and was pretty cheap for a job on a Sunday night! Glad they take jobs in Davis; I recommend them for sure. —IvanCarabajal

2012-02-18 09:29:51   This locksmith provides service above and beyond, and here's why: I locked my keys in my car one evening in Davis. When I called Mr. Parnell, he answered immediately. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to help me that night, and his reason was definitely understandable. However, the service didn't end there. Since he couldn't be available, Mr. Parnell gave me the name and number of another locksmith out of Sacramento, and he specifically told me to drop his name so that I could get fair quote. Thanks to Mr. Parnell's reference, I was treated with the utmost respect and got back into my car for a very fair price.

A Better Cheaper Locksmith is now my go-to locksmith, and I would recommend them to anyone without hesitation. These guys make sure their customers are taken care of, even if they aren't available for service! That's customer service at it's best! —JenniferEmerson

2012-04-23 01:22:24   Bob is the best guy in town! I locked myself out of my room and wasted a lot of time calling and waiting for some friends to come help me out. Finally I decided to call Bob. He came half an hour later.

My lock is hard to pick since it's cheap and installed up-side down. But with Bob, there's nothing impossible. He got it finally and even gave me discounts since he knows I'm a student.

He made my day! The only thing I regret was that I didn't call him sooner. I really recommend Bob if you have any problem. I'm going to give all my friends his number too :) —Trang

2012-05-11 00:29:51   Got locked out of my room... because I'm a troll. Bob came to my rescue in his convertible. Haha! I didn't expect my locksmith to be driving a nicer car than me...but Bob really is a very nice guy. He's a man you can trust, so don't hesitate to call him if you get locked out. Best decision I ever made. —StephanieBui

2012-06-30 20:01:21   Robert is a great locksmith and has excellent service. Called him on a Saturday after being locked out of my apartment and he came within 30 minutes. Other locksmiths charged an absurd fee for weekends but Robert was understanding and was half the price. Call Robert first before anyone else! —ChrisSonoda

2013-01-10 21:44:45   My roommate and I were locked out, and Bob arrived fairly quickly. He was really nice and friendly and - best of all - it was a lot cheaper than expected! Also, I guess he's available 24 hours for locksmithing, so we highly recommend this service! —KelleyPaugh

2013-06-08 23:53:39   I accidentally locked myself out of my room in the midst of finals week and Bob came on the scene very promptly after my call. Even though I installed a rather complicated lock, Bob was still able to get the job done with ease. He is a very kind man who seems like he simply loves his job and wants to pay it forward. He enjoys coming out to Davis to help the college kids. He's aware that many of us are on a budget and offers his services at a very cheap price compared to your standard locksmith. I was very surprised someone like this exists around here and I am extremely grateful at the same time. Definitely give him a call. —MoniqueLivolsi

2013-07-04 11:56:38   My girlfriend locked her keys in her car late last night, and we gave Robert Parnell a call. He came out the next morning (the Fourth of July) and had the car open in a few minutes. Great job, great price, and a nice guy, too. I'd definitely recommend him. —KevinBensema

2013-07-15 21:35:17   Bob is too nice. He unnecessarily gave me $5 off, so instead of paying the flat rate of $45 to set my bike free from my broken chain lock, I paid $40. He wouldn't even accept my tip. He came all the way from Elk Grove and the service took less than 10 minutes. I will definitely always go to Bob if something like this ever happens again. Other locksmiths were trying to charge me $65-$85 for the same service. Thanks so much, Bob! —ArielLlorente

2013-07-22 12:55:42   He does the fastest most amazing job at a great price! Very funny too! I was locked out of my apartment and I needed to get to Berkeley within the next couple hours so he rushed over to help me out and threw in two keys for free. couldn't have asked for a better experience. 100% recommend!! —ChristineFinnigan

2013-09-17 19:09:59   Was clumsy and locked myself out of my room while going out today, thankfully Brian was prompt in getting here all the way from Sac and took $5 off, and promised $5 additional discounts for future lockouts. Hopefully it won't come to that, but really friendly and fast service, great guy, and most of all, it was reasonably priced! Would definitely recommend, thanks! —LiPan

2013-09-24 16:14:24   Amazingly flexible, quick, and professional service. Very satisfied with their pricing and their work. —RYN3O

2013-12-15 13:23:58   I had a great experience getting my locks re-keyed with Brian and Bob. They responded quickly, arrived right on time, were efficient and fast, and the price was right. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of locksmith services. —MikiTobini

2014-08-10 15:42:55   My keys were stolen and the guys came out within 15 minutes of my calling him and rekeyed both doors in under a half an hour! Very friendly and professional, and definitely affordable. Two doors and three keys for under $100! —KaitlinMurphy

2014-09-06 17:35:04   I had four locks re-keyed for a very fair price and with work completed quickly. Bob was also quite personable, friendly, and interesting to chat with after the ~15min it took to remove, re-key, and reinstall the locks. —ThomasLiu

2014-09-17 00:29:32   Bob did me a big favor. I was planning on moving into a townhouse on the weekend but my renters weren't available to give me a key. I had all my stuff in a truck so I needed to get in. He wasn't able to pick the lock, but he did get me in by drilling it. He was friendly and the price was fair. $45 for the service like everyone else and $20 for the new lock i needed. Remember that he will not be available straight away in Davis if he is in Sacramento during rush hour. I would recommend him to anyone. —tudo

2014-09-23 01:28:26   Great service and guy! Called him at 1 A.M. and he responded immediately. He was able to open the lock within seconds and has great prices for his effective services. I called three different locksmiths before him and Robert was the only one to pick up and leave his house at such a late time to help me out. A genuine person with lots of efficiency. Highly recommend to anyone within the davis area in need of a locksmith service! —Shubhamer

2014-11-02 17:39:59   I really want to write this review, I was locked out of my room in 8th and wake, on Halloween night when the maintenance office was closed and almost none of other persons in this business were willing to come, although he was tired and at the beginning he even wanted to help me figure it out by phone! but for all these reasons he came and he also gave a us a good discount. thanks again! —Nazanina

2014-12-01 01:45:34   Bob is the best locksmith!! Be sure to call him when you are locked out. He came out at 1am to help me get into my room cuz I lost my keys and he even adjusted the door and made 3 extra keys too! Great guy and very reliable and professional! —Seedelman

2014-12-12 22:08:52   Robert Parnell is the best locksmith ever! I got locked out of my room and he came at a time that was convenient for me, even though it wasn't normal business hours! I also got a much cheaper price than I expected! Thank you!! He was friendly, very professional and unlocked my room in less than a minute! He was really fun to talk to while he was working and even let my housemate and I watch him work! He's your go to guy people! Not gonna lie! I would rate him more than 5 stars if I could! Call him when you're in a bind, people! He'll make your day, I swear. —ColeenUmali

2014-12-27 19:10:43   Bob also re-keys any home or business. Verified Local and State Licensed. —abettercheaperlocksmitg

2015-01-08 17:44:40   Bob is such a great locksmith! He was very kind, helpful, and polite. I don't know what we would have done if it weren't for him. He was timely and got his work done fast. He was fantastic.! If you need a locksmith he is the guy to call. He will provide excellent service for a great price!! —rena

2015-02-08 13:46:18   This guy came out on Friday night in the pouring rain. Fixed my lock in 5 minutes and seems like a real cool guy, even offered me a discount. Call him if you want fast service and are in a bind. —Brock

2015-03-15 18:07:11   This guy is the man. He drove out late on a Sunday, sat in traffic, just to come out and fix my mailbox lock. He gave me status updates of where he was, and was understanding when I took forever to reply. Could not have asked for better service from a locksmith. Everybody should call Bob, he's fantastic. —nicochapman

2015-05-28 16:23:40   Called on a Sunday to get our locks rekeyed, they took our number and gave us a call back 15 minutes later to set up an appointment. Robert set up a time and came out to see us a few hours later. Although located in Sacramento, Robert said he loved coming out to Davis. To rekey our two doors with four duplicate keys took no more than 20 minutes. Comfortable and friendly service. I'd defiantly recommend this business for any locksmith needs. —Vibrate

2015-06-07 15:19:20   This locksmith showed up at the appointed time and unlocked the door quickly. He was really friendly and charged a great and reasonable price. I highly recommend this locksmith to anyone looking for a locksmith. —linda2140

2016-02-03 23:24:59   Great service, great price, great guy! Don't waste your time calling other locksmiths-- Bob will quote you the most reasonable price and will the do job perfectly. —coleycc

2017-05-03 16:27:04   Bob came to my house and fixed my front door lock. Very efficient service. Great work for a fair price. I would use him again. —Calbear

2018-01-18 00:12:06   Robert was really friendly and efficient. Cut through the lock in under a minute and then I was on my way. Truly the better, cheaper option. —armin

2019-11-13 22:41:59   Bob is great. He is friendly and professional. It takes him less than two minutes to open my door. Thank you so much. —Qingmy

2019-11-18 21:56:18   Came quickly and got the job done fast —perzius