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Evan Yu
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Andrew Goard
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Anthony Truong

Alpha Sigma Phi

Alpha Sigma Phi is a social fraternity that prides itself on its leadership opportunities, dedication towards scholarship and its creation of Brotherhood relationships that will last a lifetime. Mission: To Better the Man through the creation and perpetuation of Brotherhood founded upon the values of character: Silence, Charity, Purity, Honor, and Patriotism.

Become a member of the UC Davis Chapter of Alpha Sigma Phi and give yourself every advantage.

About Us

Alpha Sigma Phi was founded at Yale University in 1845 under scholarly principles. We believe that by encouraging our members to take on roles of leadership, campus participation, and brotherhood, we can inspire them to become better men. Not only do we strive to better ourselves and our community, we want to be the fraternity of choice for discerning young men by offering them many different opportunities including leadership development, community service, academic assistance, athletics events, and an amazing social experience. We also take special pride in our brotherhood and the strong bond that brings all of us in Alpha Sigma Phi together.

We're new to campus, but we've been working hard to make our voice heard. Unlike other larger and more rooted fraternities, new brothers can make a difference and be involved in how our fraternity runs. In fact, a fair amount of our officers (including our President) were only pledged in Fall Quarter 2012.

Our hope is that during this rush week, we will see new faces and meet new individuals who are willing and want to be a part of our brotherhood experience.

Join Alpha Sig!

You can spot our distinctive Alpha Sig A-Frames all over Campus

Spring quarter has just begun and we are proud to announce recruitment week on 4/7 - 4/11. Don't miss out on partaking in our fun and interesting events and be sure to come by and meet the brothers from Alpha Sigma Phi.

Events are as follows:

Monday 4/7: Viking Feast Where: Wellman 233 When: 7pm-9pm

Come and join in on a feast fit for not only kings...but for ViKINGS! The only rule is NO UTENSILS ALLOWED! Meet the brothers and be a part of the madness that we call dinner!

Tuesday 4/8: Outdoor Barbecue/S’mores night Where: Cuarto Housing Area When: 7pm-9pm

Whats better than food you ask? MORE FOOD of course! Stop by the Cuarto Residence area for some Amazing Korean BBQ and don't miss out on a chance to socialize with the brothers of Alpha Sig!

Wednesday 4/9: Info/Games Night! Where: Wellman 211 When: 7pm-9pm

What's does it mean to be an Alpha Sig? What is our purpose? Find that out by dropping by Wellman 211 as our President Evan explains the Alpha Sig experience! After the info night stick around and join us for a games night with games including Catan, Munchkin. Snacks and drinks will be provided!

Thursday 4/10: Glow in the Dark Frisbee Where: Russell Field When: 7pm-9pm

Get a workout and show off your athletic prowess as you play some Ultimate Frisbee with the brothers of Alpha Sig on Russell Field! As it gets later in the evening, the fun will truly light up! Wiffle ball and football will also be played.

Friday 10/4: Bid Night Where: TBD When: TBD

Bid night is by invite only. Formal attire is mandatory and you may bring a date

If transportation is needed to any of these events, do no hesitate to contact any of the brothers or you can call or text Anthony Truong at (858) 717-0820 or email him at [email protected] and he will arrange a ride to pick you up.

Hope to see you all there!



Alpha Sigma Phi brothers take a break from doing prep work for repainting Cache Creek Lodge, a Substance Abuse Treatment Facility Alpha Sigma Phi brothers raised more than $300 in pennies for Kappa Alpha Theta's 2013 Mr. Casanova's Coin Wars


We started as a singing fraternity. Though not all our brothers are musically talented or trained, we have made sure to go out and sing our hearts out to various sororities, "serenading" them in the process. They love us for it and it is a whole lot of fun!