This page is for archiving comments from 2006 from Anderson Place Apartments.

2008-05-02 12:57:07   HELLO!! My name is Kyler Fiero, I am the leasing agent for Anderson Place... AND I LOVE IT HERE!!! Great people, location, and the STAFF IS AMAZING!!!!!! I would love to help assist you in your housing needs... GIVE ME A CALL!!!!! 530-756-5800 —Anderson

  • 2010-03-24 Kyler is no longer the leasing agent at Anderson Place, but the phone number is correct, and from what I've heard the staff is STILL AMAZING!—CollinSUN

2008-07-02 02:08:22   I work right next to these apartments, and while I agree it's not quite an urban ghetto, it is as ghetto as Davis gets. An abnormally large percentage of regular "problem" customers at my work live in this place. My car was broken into while parked across the street from Anderson Place, and the cop I made the report with flat out told me he was positive someone from the complex was responsible. Cops are always outside the place looking for people and there are lots of mentally disabled people walking around half-dressed and/or talking to people who aren't there. It's not Compton or anything, but it ain't El Macero either. —JakeJames

2008-10-25 18:37:12   you noe to be honest i just moved in durin septmeber..n the arpment looks realli nice..however..the noise lvl here is so crzy..there always lil kids runnin espeically on weekends wen u tryin to study..i ask the maintance to come n look at our kitchen fan n they never did..second of all the focet is always drippin wit water they fix it but now u hab to turn the knob sideways..anyways one good thing is tat this place is the cheapest around n close to the bus stops..i think tat was the main reason why i chose this complex. —thnguyen

2008-10-31 08:51:33   They are trying to improve the complex by having a new manager come in and she changed the policy on everyone even the ones who lived there for years. Make sure you leave the apartment spotless before leaving or they'll charge you hundreds of dollars for a little bit of spot cleaning. Also, make sure that when you move in you pay attention to every little detail and note it or they will charge you for repairs even if you didn't do it. The managers before were much better than the new one. —Marcie