BASED is a slate comprised of 6 progressive ASUCD Senators. The members of BASED are based in their communities and draw from a wide array of experiences and individuals to contribute to their choices in student representation. 

BASED first ran in the Fall of 2015, winning three seats through Adilla Jamaludin, Georgia Savage, and Parteek Singh, with Josh Dalavai (formerly an Independent) joining after elections had ended, resulting in a total of four out of six seats. Unlike previous dominant slates (of which based now is, previously dominant), BASED has no (public) official ranking within their members and no (public) party leaders. This is to maintain their core values of community and equal representation.

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Current Elected Officials

Peiyuan "Tony" Chen (Senator)

Alexis Ramirez (Senator)

Shondreya Landrum (Senator)

Sahiba Kaur (Senator)

Rebecca Gonzales (Senator)

Anna Estrada (Senator)

Current Appointed Officials


Past Elected Officials

Jumoke Maraiyesa (Senator)

Simranjit Kaur (Senator)

Daniel Nagey (Senator then OASR director who then resigned) 

Josh Dalavi (President)

Adilla Jamalludin (Vice President)

Sam Chiang (Senator) - 2 term

Parteek Singh (Senator)

Ko Ser Lu Htoo (Senator)



Some BASED senator highlights:

  • Georgia Savage hosted a sexual assault and sexual health awareness month with over 40 events spanning over the month of April, all under the branding of "Let's Talk About Sex."
  • Adilla Jamaludin implemented the Pay-It-Forward pizza program at the Coho, which gave students the chance to purchase slices of pizzas for other students, redeemable in the form of vouchers at The Pantry. (The promotional material included some really cool pizza and pepperoni stickers.)
  • Parteek Singh hosted the first ever spring quarter student organization fair on the Segundo Green.
  • Shaitaj Dhaliwal brought The Silver Ribbon campaign to campus to promote women's reproductive rights. This was the first time The Silver Ribbon campaign appeared on any university campus.


  • Senator Ko Ser Lu Htoo resigned her seat in the first week of Winter 2019 due to her decision to return to Burma for 3 months in order to teach Karen and English. She will return in the fall of 2019.  

Elections History 

The follow are the the candidates that BASED ran during each election cycle. Bolded indicates won a seat.

Winter 2019 Candidates

BASED ran 7 candidates for the 6 spot available on the Senate table.

Those Senate Candidates are from left to right, Shondreya Landrum, Perla Ornelas, Sahiba Kaur, Jamila Alani, Rebecca Gonzales, Karolina Rodriguez, and Anna Estrada.

4 out of their 7 Senate candidates won a seat on Senate. 

Justin Hurst and Shreya Deshpande ran on an executive ticket for president and internal vice president respectively. Their executive ticket won and they are to be seated. 

BASED's executive ticket won with 3379 votes (57.35%) to Unite!'s 2513 votes (42.65%).




Fall 2018 Candidates

The Senate Candidates are Peiyuan (Tony) Chen and Alexis Ramirez. There were 8 senate candidates running in total. 

Both candidates were seated. 

Winter 2018 Candidates

The Senate Candidates (Top from left to right) were Daniel Tillman, Ko Ser Lu Htoo,  Valeria Duenas, Simranjit Kaur, Daniel Hernandez, Jumoke Maraiyesa, Lucero Vazquez. The presidential ticket (Bottom, Left to right) consisted of Julie Jung and Julienne Correa. For the Senate Election, BASED received 1263 out of the 2956 votes, edging a narrow majority over the UNITE! Slate. Ultimately, however, both slates seated 3 senators. The senators seated, Kaur, Maraiyesa, and Htoo, each won 2nd, 4th, and 6th place respectively. Hernandez, Tillman, and Vasquez won 9th, 10th, and 11th place respectively. Duenas won 17th place. 21 senate candidates ran in total. 

In the presidential election, The Jung/Correa ticket received 990 out of the 2551 votes cast; losing to the UNITE!'s Gofman/Branson ticket 41% to 38%.

Winter 2016 Candidates 

The candidates (from left to right) were Sevan Nahabedian, Sam Chiang, Ricardo Martinez, Ryan Abusaa, Shaitaj Dhaliwal, and Ayman Shehadeh. Three of the six candidates were seated, with the other three ranking #7, #9, and #12 out of 19. BASED received 1856 of 4441 number one votes, the most of the three slates in the election. 

Fall 2015 Candidates

The candidates (from left to right) were Georgia Savage, Adilla Jamaludin, Parteek Singh, Jacqueline Obeid, and Lynn Ayala. Three of the five candidates were seated, with the other two ranking #7 and #10 out of 17. BASED received 1039 out of 2609 number one votes, the most of any slate running in the election, but trailing behind the aggregate total of independent number one votes.


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