Post where Skype's stupid browser plugin/toolbar/whatever has mangled pages! We should write up a bug report to send to Skype to end this. When does this occur? Does it only happen in certain browsers? How can we reproduce these problems?

If we recommend that they keep their grubby hands off of stuff inside form elements, should that be enough to solve the problem? Does it break anything else with their plugin? Hmmm.

I've seen a lot of these around, generally on the apartment pages. Never gave much thought. I just erased another one (in a user page though, so... not that big of a deal in that case) found via search; as of right now, the search doesn't turn up any more. —EBT

Yeah, I've fixed a few, too — I don't remember which ones. —cp

I've caught some on several Wiki Spot wikis. I think they might have been on a bunch of the apartment pages because one of the property management companies updated the entries for the complexes they maintain. -jw

So now that we've got a few examples, how do we contact Skype? They're set up to deal with technical support, not people telling them that their software is messing up other websites. —WilliamLewis

I noticed this was mentioned here, here, and here. I think our best bet is to make a prominent post on the skype forums. This forum is probably the right spot.

We can also add this to the editor HTML here to make it stop happening (apparently):

2. You can enter the following meta tag in your html:
If you do, then ONLY phone numbers within the following tags will be highlighted:
<!-- sphoneid telnr="+15551234456" fileas="John Smith" -->(555) 1234 456<!-- sphoneid -->
Hope that helps!