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President: Felicia Ong
Vice President: Lauren Taylor
Treasurer: Honey Aung
Secretary: Joanna Leong
Publicity Coordinator: Khine Kyaw
Fall 2013
Meeting Times
Every Other Tuesday TBA pm (look on FB group for most current information)
Meeting Location
TBA (look on FB group for most current information)

The Burmese Student Association was founded in Fall 2013 at UC Davis to foster friendships and a network among the Burmese-American community at UC Davis. The club works to promote the Burmese culture and traditions; as well as awareness about the current political, social, and economic situation that exists in Myanmar (Burma). Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join and learn more about Myanmar (especially the delicious food) regardless of your ethnicity, orientation, religion, age, etc.

Some of our endeavors include...

  • enlighten students on current situations in Myanmar
  • share the amazing food and wonderful traditions of Myanmar
  • form a unique and vibrant community

Although BSA is new on campus, it has already established the warmth and affection of a family amongst its starting members. It just goes to show, there is nothing quite like Mohinga to bring people together.

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What is Burma???

Burma, officially known as the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, is a country located beneath China, and sandwiched between Bangladesh and Thailand. Its location is very foretelling of its cuisine which tends to be a variation of Thai, Indian, and Chinese food. Previously a British colony (hence the name "Burma"), it gained its independence in 1948. While a beautiful country, Burma faces continuous discontentment among its myriad of ethnic groups, as well as, various human rights issues.


Thingyan, otherwise known as the Burmese New Year Water Festival, is a Buddhist festival held over four to five days and usually falls in mid-April. During the festival, people sprinkle or pour water on one another as an act of blessing and good wishes. It is believed that the water washes away one's sins from the previous year. Each year the SF Bay Area Burmese (Myanmar) Community and Cultural Center puts together a Burmese New Year Water Festival in San Francisco as a fundraiser, which includes water activities, a food fair, cultural exhibitions, a beauty pageant, and a traditional dance. Last year (2013), was their second hosting of the event. Want to know more? Check it out: Website or Facebook Event


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