1736 Picasso Avenue
(across from Davis Athletic Club)
Doctor's Hours
Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays
from 7:30AM to 5PM.
Also open one Saturday per month
Receptionist's Hours
Monday through Friday
from 8AM to 5PM

Cynthia Belgum, DDS practices general dentistry.

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Medical Professionals are limited by HIPAA as to what information they can make public about their patients, including who their patients are. As such it is very hard for Doctors, Dentists, and Psychiatrists to respond to negative comments on the wiki. Please keep this in mind while reading any comments.

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2005-11-02 10:16:55   I have been a patient of Dr Belgum for almost twenty years. She is the best - competent and gentle. —PaulThober

2006-01-09 11:38:04   I would also Highly recommend Dr. Belgum. Infact, I have an appointment today —CharlesGeorge

2007-07-29 14:49:34   I became a patient of Dr Belgum's after seeing her for a second opinion while I had Dr Shempp as my dentist. I highly recommend her. She is very sensitive to my dentist-phobia, and takes into account my financial constraints in her recommendations for care. I especially recommend her to people who put off going to the dentist or just don't go because they hate it so much. She's great! —JoRo

2008-04-17 11:59:01   This doctor's office lacks the moral capacity of a doctor. In JANUARY, my wife wanted to make an appointment. We recently moved to Davis and this dentist was recommended to us by a colleague. The earliest appointment available was MAY 21. Even for this appointment, she had to call three times. The receptionist promised to call back but usually did not do it. On April 17, my wife called for an emergency appointment. They said that they don't have time and provided her the phone number of another doctor. This doctor told my wife that they can not take patients of other doctors, and that any doctor should have a back up when not available. When my wife called Belgum's office again, the staff was extremely unfriendly and did not provide any information about back up service. I am used to the thought that a doctor has the moral responsibility to help patients. This thought seem foreign to Belgum's office. —bcschipper

—- I find this very surprising please remember that she is impacted and getting an appointment with her will take awhile. It isn't an insult to you personally it is just because she is so amazing. Also I have never had anything but good experiences with their office staff. I hope nobody thinks bcschipper's experience is typical because all of the people I talk to have had a great experience with her.—KevinRobinson

2008-05-12 18:12:05   Dr. Belgum is highly recommended. I have been her patient for ten years. She is always professional, always has time to sit down and listen, and her staff is exceptionally competent. The hygienist who cleans my teeth is so gentle, especially with the anesthetic injection I need. She does a great job and believe it or not I actually look forward to going there every three months. The negative comment below sounds like an unfortunate misunderstanding. If a doctor does not have time for an appointment, that is just how it is. Dr. Belgum's office referred them to another dentist. They certainly upheld their professional and moral responsibility in this instance. I am a doctor too, and I have to say no sometimes. There is always another way, emergency or not. Dr. Belgum does not have responsibility to help a new patient she has never seen. The referral was made. If that dentist was also unavailable then pick up the phone and call another dentist. —audrey

2009-01-26 09:41:23   I would like to rave about Cynthia but I just don't know how to portray it. I discovered her after a few years of being without insurance and after a few months of determined work she had me back in perfect health. I really can't say enough good things about her. It took awhile to initially get an appointment because she is in so much demand she has a huge waiting list. But that wait was MORE than worth it! 6 out of 5 stars for sure. —KevinRobinson

2009-02-12 18:24:00   I am a new client of Dr Belgum's and LOVE her. She was very proactive in telling me how I can take better care of my teeth and gums. She takes SHIP and is conscious of how much things will cost. Highly recommended! —mpclark

2009-08-14 21:39:33   Highly recommended. Best dentist ever, IMHO. Only does necessary treatment, explains things extremely well, is very accommodating. Also works with a relative of mine who has special needs. She keeps more limited hours than some dentists. —TomHinds

2010-12-13 12:39:29   I went to Dr. Belgum for the first time today with a concern about my wisdom teeth. What I ended up receiving was an in depth lesson on dental care, gum disease, grinding, and other dental problems I did not know I had, or that even existed! My goodness, Dr. Belgum is very knowledgeable and has a genuine concern for her patients. She sat down with me and reviewed my medical history and gave me advice on problems outside of dentistry! I am so happy to have her as my new dentist. She is marvelous, to say the least! :) —MariselGabourel

2010-12-14 01:25:02   @bcschipper Your situation sounds complicated; I think that you may have been confused about where and how to look for emergency care, which is really unfortunate. Dr. Belgum does not see people for emergency appointments when they are not already patients. Simply scheduling an initial exam does not make someone a patient of Dr. Belgum. To become a patient, a person first has to undergo an initial exam during which Dr. Belgum goes over the patient's health history and thoroughly examines the patient's teeth, gums, mouth, and jaw. After this, Dr. Belgum discusses what treatment she recommends, and she and the patient can work out a plan for care. Honestly, Dr. Belgum only wants to work with people who are interested and invested in their health, patients who will come in for regular cleanings and check-ups. This is one of the reasons she does not schedule emergency care appointments for people who are not established patients. Some folks only wish to go to the dentist when they need immediate care - Dr. Belgum is interested in preventative care, improving the health of her patients, and working with them to maintain good oral hygiene and health.

If you do not have a dentist in town, there is a list of dentists that take turns being a general on-call doctor. I have in the past referenced this list to try to find care for someone who called in with a similar situation as bcschipper's wife. The doctor who was scheduled to be on-call refused to see this person who needed emergency care. It's unfortunate that the coordination of this list and schedule seems to be so disorganized.

If you need to be seen for emergency care and can't get in touch with a dental office that can see you on short notice, you can get dental care at the Davis Community Clinic during these hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 8AM to 5PM, Thursday evening (appointments only) from 6PM to 10PM (phone: 530.757.4667). The clinic serves everyone, including low-income and uninsured people. Folks can pay on a sliding scale and no one is denied care because of their inability to pay. http://www.communicarehc.org/View_webpage.asp?Title=DavisJanny

2012-06-21 19:45:44   At first I thought she was good, I've had a 2 cleanings by her staff before and haven't seen a huge amount charged to me because my school insurance covered it. BUT after the 3rd cleaning I received a hefty bill of $98 for cleaning and consultation?? I didn't even realize the difference in her cleanings either and $98 is really excessive for a cleaning! Also, I missed my 4th appointment by accident and forgot to call in to cancel it (I was really stressed out over some things that have been happening lately) so worrying about keeping my dentist appointment wasn't at the top of my list at the time. Then I received a letter in the mail from Dr. Belgum's office "advising" me to go to another dentist, and for what? Missing a dentist appointment for another cleaning?? That's a little bit excessive! Overall, never coming back and would not recommend her to anyone, she over charges for a simple cleaning and consultation when she knows I'm a poor college student. —Jujubean