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Aikido is a studied as a traditional Japanese martial art. There are no competitions in Aikido; rather, we study in a cooperative manner, focusing on development of the proper form of body, mind, and spirit. Aikidoka (practitioners of Aikido) practice the dynamic integration of these forms with a training partner in order to build a repertoire of automatic body movements designed to help you neutralize attacks in a safe and effective manner.

At the Doshin-Aikido Dojo in Davis, we study Doshinkan-Style Aikido (founder: Yukio Utada Shihan), which stems from Yoshinkan Aikido (founder: Gozo Shioda Soke). Doshinkan Aikido incorporates the principles of Yoshinkan Aikido with a focus on buki waza (weapons techniques), under the direction of Utada Kancho.

Davis Doshin-Aikido training is being led by FredBarrett, nidan in Doshinkan Aikido and student of Yukio Utada Kancho. Utada Kancho began studying Aikido more than 35 years ago under Soke Gozo Shioda, a student of Morihei Ueshiba, founder of modern Aikido. The Davis Doshinkan Aikido Dojo is affiliated with Doshinkan Aikido International. We train two to four days a week on the campus of the University of California, Davis.

Here are some videos of Doshinkan Aikido on YouTube