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3027 E. Covell Boulevard
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(530) 902-1628
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A horse stable.


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2008-09-26 07:36:07   I boarded here for about a year. The stalls are large and well built. There is only one tacking-up area (cross-ties) and if it is full you have to tie your horse to a stall. There is an indoor wash rack, which some people find nice. The arena is medium size, with decent footing. It is not covered, so in the winter is gets muddy and in the summer the neighboring houses complain about the dust kicked up when people ride in the arena. There is a round pen, but it is really dilapidated and becomes a mud hole in the winter, when it's totally unusable. Everything is pretty old and falling apart, from the fencing to the buildings. BEWARE if you board here: it is a lesson stable, so there are a lot of high school kids and younger who come through and will pick up and use anything they find, so you MUST lock your things up. I got so much of my equipment stolen, lost or ruined by people who just take things without asking, even if it was in my tack trunk! If it's not locked, it will be stolen. The worst part about this stable is the people. They are snotty, stuck up, rude and just plain unfriendly. They are the worst type of horse people there is. The will look down their noses at you and your horse, and invade your space and tell you how to work with your horse. Somehow their instructors think that it's their job to boss EVERYONE around. There is a house on the property where renters live, and the people in the house are the absolute WORST. Avoid them at all costs. Also, the woman who runs the place is a single mom, so she's busy and not the type to do any upgrades or repairs on the property. Don't expect broken things to get fixed any time soon. —quarabaloosa

2011-05-11 22:14:50   I have been riding here for about three years now and I love it! The facilities may not be the greatest, the people may not be stuck up showers, the horses may have quirks, but were family out there. The owner is a great lady who helps with almost any request whether its blanketing inbetween seasons before/after turnout, changing turnout arrangements, or fixing a leaking hose. She also allows those with financial issues to work off board very generously, up to 2/3 board by cleaning stalls or helping feed/turnout during the week. The trainer out there, Alana Courville, is a friendly face and always happy to help a young horse and rider in need. She has a variety of lesson horses that we all could learn a little from. To disprove the rude comment below, we now have two cross tie areas and an outdoor post for those cool spring days or warm summer evenings. There are high school students and lesson children, but they do not steal from you. On occasion, they may borrow a brush left on the ground or a hoof pick hanging on a stall. And honestly, its quite nice to have people to talk to while your out at the barn. Most places I have been to are so quite, they seem to be eerie. Those who speak up about your riding are just trying to help, as much of the stabled horses are rehabilitating TB racetrack or abused horses, and most riders are experience but don't always make the best choices. They are kind, sweet people with horse sense that ask to help when they see something done wrong. The owner is an amazing single mother who is willing to help all and everyone, but we all have to be a little empathetic when the trash is not taken out one week, children are quite the handful. So all in all, this stable has been like a second home to me and my horse. If you are interested in boarding, there is always someone willing to help you look around out here! —TBLover