2067 Anderson Road
Mon-Fri 8:00AM-5:00PM
(530) 756-7400
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http://www.childressdental.com and [email protected]

James W. Childress, DDS has had a general dentistry practice in Davis for many years (the practice was actually started by his father). He partners with Dr. Samer Alassaad, DDS to provide the highest quality of dentistry available through technical excellence in a friendly and professional environment. They are committed to providing an accurate assessment of oral health and to listening to people's concerns and desires enabling them to make informed decisions regarding their oral health needs.

Dr. Childress and Dr. Alassaad provide many aspects of general dentistry with a focus on preventive, restorative, implant and cosmetic dentistry. They also offer conservative gum therapy, laser and sedation dentistry.

They are happy to bill most insurance plans.

Medical Professionals are limited by HIPAA as to what information they can make public about their patients, including who their patients are. As such it is very hard for Doctors, Dentists, and Psychiatrists to respond to negative comments on the wiki. Please keep this in mind while reading any comments.

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2007-03-06 23:45:03   I've been fortunate to have Dr. Childress as a dentist for the last few years. He's very thorough and really sweet. The office is well-run. I don't think he's taking any new patients, but Dr. Samer is. I've had one so-so experience with one of the dental hygenists, but other than that I'm extremely happy. —RobinLaughlin

2007-09-14 16:15:12   I have been going to Dr. Childress since before I could even read - he is great, although honestly I don't see him much. Mostly, it's just cleanings and x-rays. He is very helpful and has a gentle but firm way of encouraging me to better habits when needed. Hygienists are very professional and friendly (true for all of them I've ever had over many years). —BrettCoder

2007-10-04 03:05:42   Dr. Childress is an amazing dentist and a very friendly guy. I had a dental emergency when one of my teeth broke and a longtime Davis resident and friend recommended Dr. Childress to me. He is very knowledgable and he really makes you feel at home when sitting in the chair. He eases tension with humor and there were a few times when I tried not to chuckle while he was working on me. His work is very thorough yet very unpainful. I would highly recommend Dr. Childress. If Hannibal Lecter had a good twin, it would be Dr. Childress. There's something classy and gentle about him. Also- his staff was very friendly and helpful. —BenjaminCatabas

2008-06-19 19:03:08   Dr. Jim has been my dentist for MANY years. I currently travel 40 miles to have his gifted hands and office staff perform all aspects of my dental health. He is currently maintaining the dental health of 3 generations of my family. His work is truly amazing, and would be impossible to beat. I'm a very fortunate and dedicated patient. Jim, keep up the extraordinary work!! —apeterson

2009-10-16 05:45:33   Dr. Childress is the absolute best. You can tell he takes great pride in his work, is so kind, and does not need to resort to anything shady. I love people who become successful the hard way. I once had an appointment with Dr. Samer and he was pretty awesome as well. Dr. Childress has been my family's dentist for over a decade and we won't go to anyone else. I think he got the Best of Davis award once - deserved it. —adverselypossessed

2014-01-23 14:54:20   I started going to Childress and Childress in the early 1980s, because one of them was a UCSF grad, and I was referred. How lucky was that? Very: Dr. Jim is not only a consummate professional, he's the gentlest dentist who's ever treated me. I don't believe he's able to accept new patients (see the 2007 comment above, to see how long that's been true). Given the excellence of the office's support staff, I think checking out Dr. Alassaad would be a wise choice. —DougWalter