It's that time of year for the Annual KDVS Fundraiser!

This year our theme is LET FREEFORM RING:

Every day, every week, every hour we provide you the best alternative programming on this coast for YOU the listener. We attempt to inform you with the best of public affairs and keep corporate infectious media at bay.

From APRIL 19-25TH the tables are turned. While we do what we can to provide any resource we have, we need YOUR help to stay sustained.

2/3rds of our budget come from listener donations, and all of those donations go to our KDVS programming. In exchange we offer all the resources we have: our limitless library, our awesome programming, our mobile dj unit, our shows, our festivals, our dance parties, and not to mention the SICKK premiums we have to offer.

So here's what you do: listen all week, listen to what we have to offer (and all the hilarious programming) and decide whether we are a community resource worth supporting for you.

Listen at 90.3fm and Go to and see the premiums we have to offer. Call in to 530-754-KDVS (5387) and tell us why you love us and what we can do for you. Don't forget,you get a tax exemption :)

Recommended pledges are $25 for students and $40 for community members; increments of these multiples would be best [[so you get the most premiums out of your pledge]]

GOAL: 60,000 $ APRIL 19TH - 25TH KDVS.ORG

We have a ton of really awesome new premiums this year: including the packages of every DJ Compilation AND a huge packages of Microcosm Zines+DVDs. For a pledge of 25 dollars you can get 4 microcosm BOOKS and a DVD.