801 E 8th Street , in Central Davis

Kings & Queens Apartments features:

  • Quiet complex
  • One bedroom apartments
  • Assigned parking under sticky trees
  • No pets Policy

They used to be a senior community but currently accept everyone.

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2008-07-21 18:23:05   I live here and it's a great place to live. The rent is very very cheap for a one bedroom, Dave the manager is friendly and great, and my neighbors are all pretty friendly. I am a college student, but not many (if any outside of me) live here. —AlvinTsao

2010-03-22 13:36:46   Just called and they was told they are no longer a senior's complex but a lot of seniors do live there. No dogs or cats allowed =( —TorresV

2012-11-08 10:59:37   I currently live here in a one-bedroom and it is pretty nice. It is not a senior complex anymore, is the lowest price in Davis, and centrally located. It is not noisy and water is included in the rent. No pets are allowed, assigned parking(yes the trees are just sticky like everywhere in Davis...). It is a no-frills complex that is rarely updated but still well-kept. —AnnieP