1250-A Harter Ave., Woodland, CA
24/7 on the Web!
530-668-0660 or from out of the area: 800-678-1226
Amina Harris & Ishai Zeldner
1979 right here in Davis!
Payment Method
Cash, Check, Credit Card

Moon Shine Trading Company

Moon Shine Honeys, Fruit Spreads, Nut Butters, Chocolate Nut Spreads - Cowboy Caviar - Island of the Moon Honey - Select Hive products.


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2007-04-10 18:59:16   The island of the moon honey is good. I bought the sage honey at the Davis Food Coop. —NickSchmalenberger

2007-04-24 09:31:06   Get a taste of ALL of our products at the Coop's Indie Fair this Saturday, April 28, 2007! —Amina

2009-06-01 16:25:12   Wow. This certainly is an incredible line of products. I'm so proud that it's such a local, Davis-grown business. You guys know how to do it right! —TheZiggz

"2010-03-20 22:22:34"   Y'all watch out for the revenuers now. They might know where you got that still hid. —DickLiddle