General Overview

Racquetball is a fast paced sport played with 2, 3, or 4 people. It is played with a stringed racquet made specifically for racquetball (no tennis racquets), a hollow rubber racquetball (57mm diameter), and a pair of safety goggles or glasses. Non-official play does not require safety goggles or glasses, but getting hit in the eye with the racquetball or the racquet could lead to serious and permanent eye injury. It is played in a room with 4 walls and a ceiling, and all 6 surfaces (the floor, the ceiling, and all 4 walls) are legal playing surfaces. The game starts with one player serving in the service zone while the other stands behind the receiving line. The server must hit the ball off of the front wall and land the ball past the service line WITHOUT hitting the back wall first (more specific rules apply, see official website for more details). The players must continue hitting the ball against the front wall without letting it bounce twice (off the floor) before the hit or bounce once (off the floor) after the hit. If the ball hits a player, it can be counted as a hindrance or as a win for the opposite player if the ball hit that person on their own turn. The ball can bounce as many times as necessary off of the side walls, back wall, and ceiling. A player wins a point by both being the server during that rally and by causing the other player to fail to hit the front wall. If the receiver wins the rally instead of the server, then no points are given and the winning player of that rally becomes the server, thus giving them the possibility of scoring in the next rally. However, if the player hinders the other players ability to reach the ball, then a hinder is called and the play is stopped. The hinder can result in a point, loss of service, or a simple re-do depending on the hinder (See official website for more information). The server continues to serve until the opposing player wins a rally. The game ends when one player reaches the desired pre-set score.

***WARNING - Getting hit with the racquet can cause serious injury. Many players have been hit by an overzealous player and gotten stitches, broken teeth, and eye damage if not wearing safety goggles. Please be considerate and call a hindrance instead of swinging your racquet close to another player.

Official Website

Make good use of the ARC's amazing racquetball courts. They also will loan you the ball, racquet, and goggles at the equipment desk, so you don't have to buy anything except a good pair of shoes.