Slaughterhouse is an organizer that throws metal shows in Davis.

Started in 2022 by 3rd year UC Davis student, Monica Roberts, the project started as a way to bring extreme music to Davis and entertain youth in the scene and make Davis a destination for touring bands. The name comes from the UC Davis cows and the town's history of agriculture. 

Bands such as Volrahven, Scoundrel, Frolic, Wurm Flesh, Warcorpse, and Way II Stoned have played in Davis through Slaughterhouse. Shows have been thrown at The G Street WunderBar and RockBand University

Slaughterhouse is a non-profit one-woman project that promotes musicians and organizes shows mainly through Instagram and street flyers. Flyers for shows organized by Slaughterhouse can be seen throughout downtown Davis and the UC Davis campus. Events promoted on Instagram are typically accompanied by the hashtag #KeepDavisExtreme. 

 Contacting the organizer can be done through her Instagram