Front photo of office Heather Copeland, Agent

231 G Street , Suite 1
in Court 'N Cedar
Mon-Fri 8:30am to 5:00pm
Saturday & Evenings by Appointment
(530) 753-7897
(530) 753-7899

Heather Copeland is one of the State Farm Insurance agents in town. Her stated mission "is to help people manage the risks of everyday life, recover from the unexpected and realize their dreams." Although the name makes it sound as though it's a one-woman show, other agents work in her office.


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2010-01-31 21:57:25   Heather's great to work with. A couple of weeks ago we had an incident in the snow on Highway 4 and needed a tow out of a ditch. State Farm took care of the tow cost, and Steve Sottana, one of Heather's agents, took great care of us. He had a lot of advice on how to cover ourselves from potential liability in case anyone tried to file false claims (people will sometimes look up accident reports and claim that some random accident was the cause of some injury, even though they weren't anywhere near it). They took good care of us.

Both my wife's family and mine have been with State Farm for decades, so we have really fantastic rates with them—more than $400/year cheaper just for my car (2006 CRV, nothing fancy) than Geico or All State according to their quotes. The wife's Camry is likely similar, although I didn't get quotes on it. You also don't need AAA (other than for member discounts) with State Farm, since they'll cover tows, locksmiths, and all that jazz. One other thing to note, you can get a $85/yr renter's insurance policy that gives you something like $20k coverage, and get a $125/yr discount on your car insurance. Free renter's insurance AND a $40 discount on your car insurance? Well, if you're going to twist my arm... oh, and the renter's insurance premiums carry over partially as a discount on homeowner's insurance once you buy! —TomGarberson

2014-01-21 10:13:04   My review copied from Yelp, cause who has time to write two? Heather and her team are amazing to work with, I really feel like they're on my side.

I'm writing this review about a specific experience I had. I bought a house 7 months ago and went to Heather's office to cancel my renter's insurance and open a homeowner's insurance plan. Everything went smoothly with the homeowners insurance, but I guess something went wrong with cancelling my renter's policy. I only found this out a couple weeks ago, when I finally got around to updating my billing address with them. Heather responded saying that she noticed I had both homeowners and my renter's policy running. Without even a prompt from me, she cancelled my renter's insurance and opened an inquiry with her head office to track down all the money I'd been incorrectly spending on my renter's policy these past 7 months. I gotta tell you, I've had to track down incorrect payments and billing amounts before for all sorts of things, and I have never encountered an office willing to do the legwork for me! I couldn't believe it! Heather assured me this morning that as soon as corporate processes her correction, I'll have a check in the mail. I didn't have to provide any extra proof or even get on the phone. Needless to say I am through the roof about Heather's customer support!

If I run into any walls getting the final check through, I'll come back to update my review, but if this is the last you see of me, you can assume my review stays at 5 stars!

tl;dr: Renter's insurance didn't get cancelled and no one noticed. 7 months later, Heather noticed the error and corrected it with no help needed from me! Refund of full amount is expected after processing. Amazing customer support! —avbarr11