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The purpose of the Public Health Club at UC Davis is to further interest in public health, to teach students about public health, to promote community service, to help undergraduate students gain networking opportunities, and to inform them about careers in public health.

General Information

During our regular meetings, we take a combination of approaches in giving students solid exposure to the multi-faceted nature of public health. We have guest lectures from experts, film screenings, and student discussion forums. Outside of meetings, we do everything from outreach at fairs, all the way up to professional level clinic site visits. In between these poles, we have fundraising events, and we are looking to more firmly establish social and community service opportunities. We encourage all UC Davis students and organizations to contact us if you have any comments, suggestions or interest in collaborating for health-related events, programs or projects.

Public Health Club 2011-2012

President: Adam Shapiro

Vice President: Jacqueline Kulwin

Treasurer: Chenghao Qian

Activities Coordinator: Dale Maglalang

Secretary: Yin-Ju Chang

Publicity: Nancy Hoang

Primary Contact:

Adam Shapiro, President (2011-2012)

Phone: (530) 304-7989


*** JOIN OUR LISTSERV BY E-MAILING [email protected]***

We are always looking for new members, so if you're interested in getting involved and meeting new people, check us out!

Past Events

5/16 10th Annual Passport to Summer Youth Fair. For more information visit

6/3 Health Education Council's 5th Annual Benefit Golf Tournament. For more information visit

10/8 9th National AMSA ARC/UCD Pre-Med & Pre-Public Health Conference. For more information visit

Past Events & Services

National Public Health Week 2011 4/6 Tue 5:00 PM-7:45PM Public Health Week Symposium UC Davis School of Medicine, Public Health Sciences Presents: 'A Healthier America-One Community at a Time' Celebrating National Public Health Week (April 5-11,2010) Public Health Week Symposium, Genome Building Auditorium

4/7 Wed 6:10PM Movie Night I @ Med Sci 1C, Room 180 (Vet side of the campus) - 'Becoming American' from the Series: 'Unnatural Causes'. Group discussion after the movie led by facilitator Dr. Marius Koga.

4/8 Thur 2pm-3:30pm National Public Health Week Fair on East Quad.Meet different public health organizations and associations. Come learn about public health and what you can do about it! Meet representatives from the Graduate Department of Public Health under the School of Medicine, Western Human Nutrition Research Center, Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Advisory Board (part of LIVESTRONG of the Lance Armstrong Foundation), ...AND MORE!!

4/8 Thur 6:10PM Movie Night II @ Med Sci 1C, Room 180 (Vet side of the campus) - 'Rise of the Super Bugs' from the Series: 'RX for Survival'. Group discussion after the movie led by co-facilitators, Dr. Kathryn DeRiemer and Dr. Christian Sandrock.



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