As of January 2007, Yolo County Superior Court will accept online traffic school. Make sure to check with the county you received your citation from. You can select an online traffic school from their list.

If you have taken traffic school, please comment on it.

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I took traffic school online. It was a few years ago, but I think I just Googled "Traffic School Yolo County" or something like that. It took a couple hours. —JanelleAlvstadMattson

I've done both traffic schools, online and in person classes. Online took me a couple hours too and in person took one Saturday from 8 to 5. Both cost around the same amount around 30 to 40 bucks, just one takes a Saturday. But I liked online more because I got to do it on my time. For Solano County if you do traffic school online you have to take a test conducted by the NTSA in addition to your online traffic school of choice. The final test is really easy if you can flip through the California driver's manual and find anwers. It's exactly the type of questions from a written exam to get a license. —Lori Tobias

I've used AMPMTrafficSchool and I was really happy with it. Quick, easy, and cheap. - PatrickProctor

2006-05-15 17:10:40   I took Woodland Adult Education. 8:30 to 4:00 with a half hour lunch break. The teacher was a big, surly, ex-cop, but he was pretty interesting. Cost was $30. Make sure you sign up at least a week in advance. They get a lot more business now that you can't go online. —VihilaAlBhed

2007-01-17 14:17:52   I received all the forms from the Yolo County Superior court to attend a traffic school. As of December 2006, you can attend an online traffic school, again. The line saying "The Yolo SC... does NOT allow home study traffic school..." is striked through. —GianlucaVarenni

2007-01-29 20:08:05   Go to Cheap School, Ada Vides rocks! She's a hilarious New York sounding lady, kept us pretty entertained and sO Nice. You don't even have to take a real quiz! —TheStomach

2008-02-29 15:33:27   Just make sure that the traffic school that you choose is a court approved one or you won't receive credit. Make sure that the court gives you a list (they're supposed to). I did AMPM a while back and it was cake. —CurlyGirl26

2008-03-13 16:08:28   The information on this page is wrong. The Yolo County reversed its policy and it accepts online traffic school. I recommend They are local and provide great service. —Safa

2009-02-11 11:52:25   I used ampm, which was on the list approved by the court. Was easy, quick and cheap ($17.99) —DanielZinn

2010-01-29 12:43:16 in Yolo you have to pay the $66 to essentailly be granted the ability to take traffic school, and then you also have to pay for the online course which is seperate from the $66 fee, correct? —AmLin

  • That's correct, but generally it's still much cheaper than the change in your insurance premium would be. —rfrazier
  • Will traffic school essentially erase the ticket? I know it takes the point back off your record, but if you do the traffic school will your insurance remain unaffected? Any experience with this? -AmLin
  • I have taken traffic school a couple of times and yes, it does keep it off your record. Essentially the ticket is erased, however keep in mind that you can only do it every 18 months. - RF
    • You can sometimes also take "extended traffic school" for a single-point violation even within that 18 month period. It costs still more, though. Traffic school will clear your record of the citation. Also note that a single point on your record shouldn't increase your rates. One-point and some two-point violations are cleared from your record without traffic school after 3 years. Some offenses such as DUI, or lesser offenses exacerbated by failure to show up at court will last longer—5 or 10 years, depending. —TomGarberson
    • It was my first ticket ever, so I will definitely be trying to stay out of trouble for the next 18 months! Thanks for the info guys. -AmLin

2010-04-12 12:31:01   Based on the comments below I took AMPMtraffic online school. It was on the list of schools from the Yolo Court. Took about 3 hours. They include off-subject questions within the material like "Robert Anderson of Scotland invented the first crude electric car, which was not named after him" to make sure you aren't gaming the school and not reading the material. Remember there there are ten classes of licenses and one question involves 42% versus 15 % on accidents by drunk/sober drivers. You have to get 100% on the quizzes and 80% on the final. Cost was just under $20, and I don't yet know if the court got/processed the certificate. My dealings with the court have been nothing less than frustrating. Due to the cuts in government budgets, the court has one furlough day a month, the ticket wasn't registered so I could apply for traffic school until I phoned twice and emailed once. My advice is to stay out of the eye of the law as I almost had to go to court even though I wanted traffic school due to these problems. —ArgusDemosthenes