As of 2014, there is a homeless man who lives on the corner of 3rd St. and A St. who creates figurative wire sculptures which he then attaches to the telephone pole there. Some are figures of a panhandler, perhaps a self-portrait or companion. It's Davis's version of La Isla de la Munecas.

This photograph cost me $1.50 to take -Steve

When I saw this I thought "Brilliant! This man has automated the labor of panhandling by delegating the task to a mechanical stand-in. It works 24/7 for free. As a courtesy to the artist/creator, I asked if I had his permission to photograph his sculpture (for this page). He unhesitatingly replied "Yes, for $1.50". I figured that was reasonable, so I paid him and got this photo. I didn't ask his name or anything else about the art. Note: Being outside, in a public place, there's no law which prevents anyone from photographing anything and there is no obligation to pay. —SteveDavison

Father and son