175 West Main Street #B, Woodland
off Community Lane
(530) 668-HOPS or (530) 666-KEGS
[email protected]
Jason and Heather Breatt

Woodland Homebrew Supply had all of the equipment, supplies and ingredients to fit the needs of Davis homebrewers. They were the closest supplier for years, located up 113 in Woodland. They also offered homebrewing classes. Classes were typically held the first Saturday of every month, and alternated between instructional all-grain brewing and instructional extract brewing.

The Black Dragon Brewery was also at the same location.  This location closed permanently in late September of 2016.


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2012-06-08 14:47:42   Are they going to provide winemaking supplies too? Also why 16 beers? Is that the number of taps or the number of different brews made? —MikeyCrews

  • I've seen wine bottles and yeasts; you could call about other supplies. —BrianNeal

2012-06-08 16:22:01   My guess is they have two 8-keg coolers. —TomGarberson

2012-06-10 22:12:06   Jason is an incredibly knowledgeable and talented brewer! I had the privilege of living next door to him one year in Woodland, during which I tried a lot of amazing beer. He's got a passion for home brewing, and he loves sharing that knowledge, whether it's your first batch or your hundredth. I've found everything I've been looking for at the shop for brewing beer and cider, and I believe they can special order just about anything else you'd need for any fermentation. —BrianNeal

2012-10-27 13:51:14   This seems to be the only place in the area where you can get CO2 tanks swapped and/or refilled on the weekend (they swap). I made at least 20 calls to the usual suspects (gas supply, restaurant supply, fire safety equipment supply, etc.) between Vacaville and Sacramento before thinking to try Woodland Homebrew Supply. Time to roll over there... which'll be fun, since I haven't checked out Black Dragon Brewery yet! —TomGarberson