7638 Meridian Road North, Vacaville
10:30am - 6pm, Mon - Sun
(707) 678-3512

Buckeye Ranch & Saddle Shop is a well-respected, family owned business offering both English and Western horseback riding lessons in their covered arena as well as boarding and a tack shop. Their prices are said to be very reasonable and the quality good.

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What did you think of Buckeye?

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2007-07-29 15:30:21   They have everything! Very friendly and their customer service is excellent. —rachelss

2009-05-14 14:23:41   I Have been to Buckeye Several times and I think that it is my favorite tack store in the area. They are very helpful, and can help you find just what you need. The store is a little crowed (With Horse supplies, not people), so sometimes it can be a little overwhelming. None the less, It is a GREAT little big store! —Jumpergem

2012-08-02 16:44:20   Great place, but be warned: the opening hours are a little lax (see the picture below). —ScottAlumbaugh