In the news: Critical Moment, New Metro Detroit Progressive Events Calendar Launched

The best community calendar ever!. go to Activate 313 !

Please join in if you are interested! Pivotal Tracker & GitHub & Facebook

Activate! 313  is from the people at ActivateHub:

Hello Do-Gooders, Change-Makers, and Superheroes! is an event calendar of activist and civic events. exists to support YOU, your work, and your cause. We believe that large-scale world change starts by engaging citizens and mobilizing movements within our own communities.  We've created an easy-to-use, super automated tool that will make your lives easier, bring more people to your events and further your mission. Here are two quick, intro 'videos' about us:

We Can: 

Add your organization to our filterable directory 

Ensure your event calendars are properly set-up for automated posting on our filterable calendar 

Show you how to embed a filtered view of this calendar in your site.  So if you wish your org's website had a calendar of all the climate change related or transportation related events in town, we can make that happen

Please bring:

*  Access to the URL of your public event calendar.  We can import from iCal, Google calendar, or even a Facebook or Meetup Page.  Compatible with some RSS feeds. If you have questions about compatibility with your calendar, feel free to contact me!

*  A decision maker for your organization.  Why?  We hope that in exchange for promoting your events, you will promote our calendar to your members.  Embedding the calendar or linking to it in YOUR website and including ActivateHub in e-mail blasts to your members is ideal.  Additionally, we'll be seeking organizations who want to be active testers, as we are building a site to support YOU and YOUR event needs, your feedback and ideas are highly valued.

Let's get inspired, collaborate, change our calendars and change the world!  

See you then!

Lindsay & The ActivateHub team is an automated event aggregation platform. Beneath the calendar façade we anticipate a suite of tools for social change, including filterable non-profit directory, social network and tools for collaboration. Our dream is to be available in every city, a sort of "Craig's List of Activism", facilitating regional and nation collaborations.  The platform is also available as a SaaS for universities and other communities seeking an aggregated event calendar. 




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