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Call for Summer Intern 2015

Call for Detroit Wiki Intern Summer 2015 ‪#‎DetroitWiki‬

Detroit Wiki seeks a highly motivated individual who can work independently and as part of a team. This will be an approximately 15 hour per week unpaid volunteer internship for May through August 2015.

The Intern will create a consistent presence on the ground in Detroit for DetroitWiki with at least four Wiki Meetups designed to increase participation and engagement with the DetroitWiki.

Potential academic qualifications might include coursework in information sciences, library sciences, design, oral history, history, urban studies / planning, and political science.

In addition to trustworthiness, the candidate must possess strong interpersonal and communication skills both on and offline.

Event production and promotion experience a plus.

If interested, please send cover letter and resume to Dr. Gholz via c AT detroitsoundconservancy.org


This is a volunteer-driven effort to collect information about Detroit that anybody can freely edit. The idea is to create a space where different things that make the City can live -- historical records, current topics, meeting plans, biographies.

Major Civic Topics

Featured Project: The Detroit Sound Conservancy

You can help conserve Detroit's musical history through physical archiving, digital outreach, and collaborative fundraising.  First and foremost an organizing effort, the DSC’s long-term goal is to become the go-to organization for accurate information and effective strategy in the struggle to increase and maintain Detroit’s capacity to conserve its musical heritage. The DSC gathers oral histories, preserves the written records of Detroit music journalists, encourages the digitization and dissemination of music-related audio and video, and organizes around historical landmarks and collections critical to telling the story of Detroit music. Your contributions -- pages, photos, stories, and more -- make this possible.

The City of Detroit:

Detroit Department of Transportation (DDOT)Public Lighting Department, (the bridge question), The Bing AdministrationDetroit Public Library,  Department of Health and Wellness Promotion, ​The Detroit Public Schools

History, Preservation, and Conservation

Belle Isle,  Detroit Sound Conservancy, Narratives of DetroitLost Detroit​, Preservation Detroit,



The Detroit-Windsor Connection

Ongoing Projects in Art, Culture, Entertainment, Music

Belle Isle Broadcaster

Detroit Sound ConservancyThe Detroit Sound Conservancy engages the world for the preservation and conservation of Detroit Sound. We are utilizing the DetroitWiki as a place to share our research and development as we become a non-profit. Please join us build up our pages.


Traditions & Events

Paczki -- Fat TuesdayFish fry during Lent. Flea markets



Current papers

Bridge photo by Juan N Only, CC-BY-NC.

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