Aka City Hall. Also home of the Third Judicial Circuit Court of Michigan.

What's here:

  • City Council offices (on 12)

  • The Mayor's office (floor 11)

  • Floor 10:

  • Floor 9:

  • Floor 8:

  • ...

Not in City Hall

  • The Planning Department is not in City Hall -- it's in Cadillac Tower, a 5-10 minute walk away
  • The Law Department is on the 16th floor of the First National Building, also a 5 minute walk up Woodward.

Navigating City Hall

You'll want to go a couple minutes early to any appointment, as you'll need to go through security. Your bags will be scanned and you will walk through a metal detector (don't neet to take off your shoes, tho) 

Public restrooms are in the basement.