"When Submerge re-opened in 2002, our second floor space was designated the 'Metroplex Room'. The idea was to have a space where the thoughts and inspiration behind Detroit's electronic music scene could be discussed and experienced outside of the typical club environment. The Metroplex Room has hosted a private screening with Jeff Mills and his Metropolis project; a panel discussion with Juan Atkins, Anthony Shakir and Keith Tucker; a University of Windsor lecture featuring Underground Resistance's Cornelius Harris and Techno Rebels author Dan Sicko. Sam Greenlee, author and producer of the 1972 film The Spook Who Sat By The Door, also hosted a screening of his historic film in the space. The Metroplex Room has also had it's share of intimate parties including Mr.De's birthday party and an impromptu celebration of the life of Laura Gavoor.

2004 brought renewed focus to this space with the Translocation exhibit. The visual arts in Detroit are thriving with local photographers, painters, sculptors and graffitti artists showing their work everywhere from converted loft spaces to cafes, restaurants and galleries like CPOP and Primary Space.

Exhibit: 3000 is our first floor museum dedicated to preserving the history of Detroit electronic music. The aesthetic will continue to focus on the abstract and urban experience that is Detroit electronic music - sometimes brutal, but always soulful and fueled by funk."