Dixon Wish List

This page is a list of things Dixon either sorely lacks or that certain wiki users are demanding be supplied. Wiki users can hope that businesses/entrepreneurs and/or the City Council will take note of our suggestions.

Also see I Love DixonHate Dixon, and Plethora vs. Dearth in Dixon.

Food & Restaurant Recreation            Utilities Retail Stores
 Blaze Pizza Bowling Alley Comcast Internet Dog Groomer Full Service and Self Serve Wash
Applebee's  Golf Course Complete North Lincoln Crossing Full Service Car Wash
Beach Hut  Gym with Indoor Pool, Tennis Courts, Child care  Condo. Development  Gun Shop 
Beach Hut Deli Movie Theater     
Boston Market Roller Rink     
Buffalo Wildwings      
Chick Fil A      
Coffee Shop      
Cold Press Juice Bar      
Diggers Deli      
Drive Thru Style Options      
Fast Food      
Heathy Food      
In N Out      
Jamba Juice      
Mel's Diner      
Olive Garden      
Sit Down Restaurant