Albany Bulb


   The Albany Bulb is located just north of the Race Track, south of Costco along the Bay Trail. The Bulb was an old landfill, and was turned into a park. Currently under control of the East Bay Regional Park District and the City of Albany. 
   This location allows for a little more room room to roam and explore. The terrain is a mixture of local clays and rubble (concrete, asphalt, metals, etc.) so keep an eye out for sharp rebar or glass! Most of the more dangerous obstacles have been removed from the main trail/path.  There are multiple trails and pathways, a mixture of everything from fire roads, to single track, double track, foot paths, and rock gardens. This place is a blast for technical MTB practice. 

Ride conditions: concrete and metal debris, dirt, bay mud and clay. When wet: gravel areas can prove slippery...yet fun, but  avoid dirt and clay. 

As always: Be respectful of the local populace, and leave a good impression for the rest of the cycling community!