Converta Sofa of Grand Rapids, at 50 Wealthy Street SW is located in SWAN. Geographic coordinates are 42.955958°N, 85.667134°WLatitude: 42°57′21.449″N
Longitude: 85°40′1.682″W

Converta Sofa of Grand Rapids, INC (1952-1960)

Moved from Detroit.

H. Schoonbeck Company (1921-1980)

Klingman Furniture Co.

The business was started by Philip Klingman in 1896 by buying showrooms at discounts from manufacturers after each Grand Rapids furniture show. Klingman's carries high-end furniture such as Stickley. Its 160,000-square-foot retail store has been at the East Beltline and 28th Street in Centerpointe Mall since 1979. Their Grand Rapids' warehouse is located at 50 Wealthy Street SW. Negotiations were made to return Klingman's from the California family of the late Harold Victor to a local company, Huizenga Group, headed by J.C. Huizenga, but for unknown reasons he withdrew his offer. Bob Israel, of Israel's Designs For Living is now negotiating with Klingman's.