The storefronts of 632, 634,636 Wealthy Street were originally owned by John H. Sevens. He founded the Seven's Paint & Wallpaper Co., which is currently has headquarters in Kentwood, MI.

In 1889, Dutch immigrant John H. Seven, Sr. began selling wallpaper door-to-door. Upon sensing the need and the seeing opportunity that his efforts had provided, he opened up a store in 1890. The store was located on Wealthy Street in Grand Rapids and sold paint, picture frames, dry goods and boots in addition to wallpaper.

The corner storefront housed a grocery store for several years as well. Residential apartments were located on the second floor of the building.

After seveal years of vacancy the address is the current home (winter 2008) of the GVSU Civic Studio.

See 632 Wealthy Street SE and 636 Wealthy Street SE for accessor photos.