Formed in 1997.


Steve De Ruiter Joe LaGrand Rob Wildeboer Andrew Zwart.

Initially called Transona Five, but after discovering a band from Texas had the name first, the name was changed to Swing 78. Later, after too many club owners assumed they were a swing band due to the resurgence of that genre, the band settled on the name Longitude.

Longitude recorded and released two albums: "Alright" in the year 2000 " the things that light the night" in the year 2001.

Andrew Zwart moved to Boston in 2001. Rob, Joe, and Steve continued on as a three-piece, touring for the last time in 2003.

Longitude recorded an album as a 3 piece in 2002, but the album was lost. The only surviving tune from that album was featured on the "Urbs in Horto" compilation released by Chicago punk label Johann's Face Records.

The last Longitude show was played at Eastown Street Fair in 2003.

Members of Longitude have also played in such groups as: Tiger Passion Crooked Saints Swimming to Pinpoints Flight and Swarm Bunkbed Nights Bridge Street Special The Great Black Knight