Baoding city is one of the Beijing Tianjin Hebei regional center city, Hebei City, the first large population, constitute the golden triangle and Beijing, Tianjin,known as "Gyeonggi powerhouse", , "the capital of South Gate," said.

Baoding rich cultural history and rich tourism resources, is the hometown of Emperor Yao, the city built more than 3,000 years of history, for a long Zhili province (later renamed the Hebei) political, economic, cultural and military center.Baoding has 17 universities, 250 thousand university students.Baoding is an open city, the country's first innovation-driven development model city, WWF low-carbon pilot cities, China Excellent Tourism City,also known as the "City of Longevity" "Champion City".Baoding is the capital function of concentrated load to ease the transfer of industries and the Beijing Tianjin important bearing, forming the core of Beijing Tianjin Hebei and Beijing and Tianjin city group.

Baoding total population of over ten million, the city area of 22,185 square kilometers, of which the urban area of 2531 square kilometers urban population of 2.806 million.