Morris Lieberman was the cantor at Ahavas Israel during the time when Rabbi Gershon Winer was here; he and his wife Doris were warm and outreaching to the community; Morris made sure that a minyan was held when individuals needed one; Doris was like a grandmother to everyone; I recall the first Seder at their apartment on Clancy Street; Brenda could have only been seven or eight years old; Marvin, a year or so older; when they moved to Innes street, we attended the first Seder with Ben and Geneva Smith; also with Reuby and Jean Lieberman, and their daughters, Judy and Suzann; for some reason, Ahavas Israel terminated Morris Lieberman's tenure in this community; I am not sure why; however, we lost two people who were very special, and who could not be replaced.   Roger Plafkin-Plafkin Brothers-Plafkin Farms, Ada, Michigan