In 1838 the wealthy and elite of Grand Rapids began to build beautiful homes on Prospect Hill.

Influential People who lived in Heritage Hill

John Ball was one of the first to built his home in the area now known as the "Heritage Hill" district. A few of the others that built their homes in Heritage Hill were Louis and Sophie Campau, Damon Hatch, and Samuel Sanford. French-Canadians Louis and Sophie Campau moved to Prospect Hill. In 1845, Damon Hatch built a home on the corner of Cherry and Morris which is now called the River Limestone House. Samuel Sanford began construction near the intersection of Cherry and Paris until his fiancee died in 1847. He discontinued building for many years. The house was known as "Sanford's Folly". Years later he returned to finish building.

Information found in Heart & Soul: The Story of Grand Rapids Neighborhoods