Suds & Duds is a laundromat and bar located in the Lindley Park neighborhood of Greensboro, NC.


Originally called Elam Drug Co., Suds & Duds is a part of the historic corner of Walker and Elam, close to downtown. In 1980, Bill Wardle bought the building and opened Suds & Duds. The building itself was built in 1935 and is 5,630 square feet. Local Greensboro residents have been frequenting this corner for years for its range of selection in food & drink and stable community.


Suds & Duds has a variety of things to do.

  • Coin-operated washers and dryers
  • Pool tables
  • Dart board
  • Pinball machine
  • Bubble hockey
  • Ping-pong table
  • Full bar

Bar & Drink Selection

The bar includes basic staples of relatively cheap drinks such as domestic beers like Pabst Blue Ribbon, simple cocktails, and more recently, seltzer drinks like Whiteclaw. The bar does not serve food.

Neighborhood & Community

Since Suds & Duds is located in the Lindley Park area of Greensboro just 5 minutes from downtown, the community there has remained strong. Mostly frequented by college students and local neighborhood residents, the corner of Walker and Elam and its restaurants and bars have stayed strong in Greensboro's heart. Most Greensboro locals might point you to this corner since it has been long loved. Many patrons have been coming to this corner for 40+ years.

"The Corner", as local residents have nicknamed the intersection of Walker and Elam, is home to three bars, four restaurants, one grocery store, one coffee shop, one vintage store, and one catering business.

Hours & Address

Suds & Duds is located at 2114 Walker Avenue, Greensboro, North Carolina, 27403.

  • Monday-Tuesday: 2pm-12am
  • Wednesday-Friday: 2pm-2am
  • Saturday: 12pm-2am
  • Sunday: 12pm-10pm