HRVA Wiki is a community edited site about Hampton Roads, Virginia. We are aiming for a  place to record Hampton Roads culture, places, spots, current events — everything! We want to increase collaboration, local media, open data and knowledge sharing across the region. This is a grassroots initiative forming right here in Hampton Roads. We need editors and subject leaders to help build content.

Let's get started.

Getting Started

  • What is a Wiki? - A wiki is a linked set of pages which anyone can edit and expand.
  • Creating an account - In order to edit pages, you must first create an account. It is a really good idea to use your real name when signing up because it helps start the process of establishing identity here with other editors. For example, JohnSmith.
  • Usage Guide - Learn how to use and edit this Wiki.
  • How To Videos - There is a YouTube Playlist on how to edit, tag, manage, and add content to the Hampton Roads Local Wiki. Feel free to use and add suggestions in comments. 
  • Play around in the Wiki SandBox - Please feel free to experiment here with any edit changes, adding images.
  • Review the HRVA Wiki Ethics - This is an open project, but there are some general guidelines.
  • Wiki Style Guide - Advice and best practices on how to format your page.

Community Involvement

  • Wiki Community - Learn more about this project and how to get involved.

Contributor Guides

Information specific to contributors