This letter, enclosed in the original envelope from E. L. Trudeau to Charles M. Lea, was found in the original manuscript of Trudeau's Autobiography. The manuscript was stored in the Trudeau Institute archive, sealed in its original wrapping, until it was opened by Mary Hotaling in November of 2013. 


Biggs & Flexner & Barker all spoke about the address and said I ought to have to it printed [?] they think many of my friends who are not Drs would like it. –E.L.T.

May 14

[Marginal note: "Rec'd May 16th Ans. May 17th, 1910"]

 My dear Mr. Lea

I saw Dr. Hare at the Congress and heard of your safe arrival.  Welcome home.  It is good even if I don't see you often to know that you and Mrs. Lee [sic] are in this country.  Well, the winter has been a sort of Waterloo to me and a little also to Mrs. Trudeau and we are neither of us very vigorous as yet.  I had doubted all along my ability to do the Congress business but Mrs. Harriman sent her car up for us and as I warmed up to the job it came easy so that I presided at the entire session of the Congress from [2] two to five PM – Read my address in the evening and received with Lotte for two hours! My address seemed to make an impression and I have been asked by hundreds of people for a reprint; for this reason I have wondered if it could not be printed as a little booklet in some way.  Could you have this done for me and let me know what it would cost?  The cover could be very simple and I would be glad to leave to you the selection of the paper type —- margin etc.  I will send the address by registered mail and at your convenience let me know what [3] kind of a simple booklet can be made of it and at what cost for say 100 to 150 copies.  I went to Baltimore from Washington and saw the surgeons there.  They seem in doubt about my bladder; the xRay shows a shadow where there should be none and not dark enough for a stone: the symptoms have not been like stone      at any rate I decided to defer operation of any kind unless absolutely necessary until fall.  I confess the two things floor me -- one I seemed to be able to fight but two who are always more or less active is discouraging indeed.  I hope to try to get down to Little Rapids for an attempt at fishing though I am not up to much fishing yet.  Tell me about yourself and Mrs. Lea.  Lotte and I both send love


E. L. Trudeau