Born: about 1843

Died: about January 31, 1922

Married: Kate Carney


Chiefly known for:

Malone Farmer, Wednesday, February 8, 1922

The passing of Gard Maloney, of Bloomingdale, who died a little more than a week ago at his home in that village, removed one of the best known guides and hotel men of that section of the Adirondacks. His father was one of the first settlers of the town of St. Armand and from his childhood Gard was familiar with forests and streams and all the arts of woodcraft. After the Civil War, in which he served with the 118th Light Artillery in the principal engagements, he took up guiding in the Adirondacks and was one of the most proficient of the old-time experts in this calling. For 15 years he conducted a hotel at Bloomingdale. He was a man of kindly and rugged qualities and had many friends. His wife, who died ten years ago, was Miss Kate Carney, of the town of Franklin. They had two children, both of whom passed from life before their father. Mr. Maloney was in his 79th year.