Married: Mary Kim

Children: Domingo, Thomas, Catherine, Lucia

Dr. Hyun Kyu Kim was the curator of mycobacterial culture bank of the Trudeau Institute.

Adirondack Daily Enterprise, July 14, 1967

Hyun Kyu Kim, M. D. has joined the research staff of the Trudeau Institute at Saranac Lake as curator of mycobacterial culture bank.

He comes to the Institute from the University of Wisconsin where he was project associate in the medical school Department of Medical Microbiology.

Dr. Kim is a native of Korea. He attended college in both Korea and Japan. His medical training was received at the Medical College, Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan (1942-44) and at the Medical College, National Seoul University, in Seoul, Korea, to which he transferred in 1945. He was awarded his medical degree from the latter university in 1947 and from 1947 to 1950 took a post graduate course at the School of Internal Medicine of that institute.

During the Korean war, he served as a surgeon in the Republic of Korea Army Air Forces hospital. Following his discharge he was appointed Chief of General Bacteriology Section, Production Division National Institute of Health, Seoul.

In 1954-56 be studied at the Tuberculosis Department of Statens Seruminstitut at Copenhagen, Denmark, under the fellowship of the United Nations Korean Reconstruction Agency. In 1957-58 he served as Chief of the BCG Laboratory, National Institute of Health at Seoul, and during 1958-62 had his private tuberculosis clinic in Seoul. In 1962-63 he continued his studies with the Tuberculosis Department, Statens Seruminstitut at Copenhagen.

Dr. Kim is presently residing at 35 Kiwassa Road with his wife, Mary, and three of his four children, Domingo, 19, Thomas, 15 and Catherine, 12. His eldest daughter, Lucia, 19, is at the University of Wisconsin and will join the family in December.

Dr. Kim advises that this is first visit to the Adirondack mountains, but noted that he is quite accustomed to whatever weather the north country can offer.

His stay in Korea, northern Japan, Denmark and Wisconsin, he said, prepared him for it. He is an ardent skier and an enthusiast of winter sports.