Born: c. 1878

Died: February 4, 1934



John Crowley was a manager of the Empire Hotel. On February 15, 1912, the First Annual Beefsteak Dinner of the John Crowley Association was held at the Empire Hotel, complete with a group photo taken by a professional photographer. The hotel was next door to the old Harrietstown Town Hall: it was torn down in 1927, when the new Town Hall was built.

Plattsburgh Sentinel, April 4, 1922

A diamond valued at $1,000, which had become loosened from a ring worn by John Crowley, of Saranac Lake, was found, by Miss Mary Howard and returned to the owner. Mr. Crowley had given up all hope of ever finding the gem.


Malone Farmer, September 3, 1924

Mrs. W. H. Gibney, of Saranac Lake, designated for county clerk by the Democratic organization of Franklin county, has declined the designation and John Crowley, of Saranac Lake, has been named in her stead. He was formerly manager of the gas plant there which has recently been sold.

Chateaugay Record and Franklin County Democrat, October 31, 1924

For County Clerk, John Crowley, of Saranac Lake, is the Democratic choice. Mr. Crowley possesses all the qualifications necessary for the faithful performance of the duties of this office. He has always been an untiring worker for the party's interests and at this time he should receive every Democratic vote in Franklin county.


Malone Farmer, October 5, 1932

John Crowley, Saranac Lake, was held on a charge of violation of the national prohibition act after prohibition investigators arrested him in connection with the seizure of 150 quarts of Canadian ale, 85 pints of beer, one pint of gin and three quarts of whiskey.


Essex County Republican, February 9, 1934

John Crowley Died at Saranac Lake Sunday Night

John Crowley, 56, of Saranac Lake hotel man and former president of the Mountain Gas Company, died day night at General hospital of a cerebral hemorrhage.

He had been ill for only 36 hours and was removed from his home to the hospital at 6 o'clock, death occurring approximately three hours later.

One of the most colorful figures in Saranac Lake, “Jack" Crowley, as he was known to his friends, took an active part in the business and social life there for 32 years.

For 10 years he operated the Empire hotel, later selling it to C. J. Ayres & Co. In 1917 he purchased the Mountain Home Gas Company which he operated for three years. Since the repeal of the prohibition amendment he has held the liquor concession at the St. Regis Hotel.

Among his other business connections were the Elk club of which he was steward for several years, and the William Herron & Co. tobacco store.

Most pleasant to him of his business associations in Saranac Lake, he frequently said, were his early days in Saranac Lake when he was employed at the Berkeley and St. Regis hotels.