Juan Dobal Zarza

A brick at the Saranac Laboratory has been dedicated in the name of Juan Dobal Zarza by his granddaughter, Mayra M. Prado

Born: October 21, 1893

Died: February 23, 1920

Married: Guillermina Bock Rojo

Children: Juan, Guillermina, Lidia

Juan Dobal Zarza was born in Havana, Cuba. He arrived from Cuba, age nineteen, accompanied by his mother, Edelmira Zarza de Dobal, on May 12, 1913 on the SS Seguranca which sailed from Havana on May 6, 1913. He cured for a time at the Rumenapp Cottage He was discharged from the sanatorium on June 5, 1914. He returned to Cuba and married Guillermina Bock Rojo. They had three children, Juan, Guillermina and Lidia. When he died at the age of 26 his children were 2 1/2, 1 1/2 and his wife was pregnant with their third child, Lidia.