Wilfred Premo was a guide.  

Lake Placid News, March 28, 1919

Beware These Bucks!

Wilfred Premo, who lives in a small clearing in the Onchiota section, recently threw down some hay for his cow in the barnyard. Shortly after he heard the cow running wildly about and looking from the window saw a big buck had jumped the fence of the cow yard and was driving bossy from her breakfast. Picking up a heavy stick from the woodbox he charged the intruder. The buck upon hearing him, instead of being [cowed?] lowered his head and leaped at him.  The guide concluded it was time to go, and making a flying leap for the eaves of the cow shed drew himself up just in time to escape the big antlers, which crashed into the shed just beneath. The buck, racing about the yard, stamping its hoofs and occasionally charging the walls of the shed, kept the coatless and half frozen guide a prisoner on the roof for nearly three hours before it again leaped the fence and disappeared into the forest.